mediasplashFederal Health Minister Rona Ambrose was joined by Dr. Alain Beaudet, President of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Dr. Duncan Stewart, CEO and Scientific Director of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, to announce the launch of three pan-Canadian research networks: the Canadian Respiratory Research Network, the Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network, and the Canadian Vascular Network.

The Emerging Networks will bring together Canada’s best minds in these three fields of research. They will include a broad group of researchers and stakeholders, ranging from areas of basic discovery to clinical trials, to health systems and services as well as population health. The Networks will generate new knowledge and bridge gaps between research and outcomes. Together, they will build a critical mass of technical and scientific expertise to enhance research innovation and impact.

The Networks will develop a co-ordinated national approach to evaluating and resolving specific research challenges. They will provide a forum for sharing ideas, resources, and best practices. They will also allow Canada to attract, train, and retain the best talent in health research. Finally, through their strong leadership, the Emerging Networks will align stakeholders within their respective communities to work toward the attainment of common goals.

The ultimate goal of each Emerging Network is to translate research into practice for the benefit of Canadian patients.

Quick Facts

  • More than twenty partners from industry, health charities, and academic institutions are providing support to these Networks, including the Canadian Lung Association, Hypertension Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  • The Emerging Networks will move research evidence into practice. They will create health care innovations, thereby improving health outcomes for Canadians.
  • The Emerging Networks fit within the wider Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR). SPOR is a national coalition of federal, provincial and territorial partners (patient advocates, provincial health authorities, academic health centres, charities, philanthropic organizations, pharmaceutical sector) dedicated to the integration of research into care.
  • The Emerging Networks also have an important training and career development mandate. The Networks, through targeted training programs, will ensure a strong pipeline of young, diverse, and skilled researchers across all these fields.

Source: CIHR